Joined Tivoli Services.  Experience at several different companies. ITIM v4.51-4.6.

1/30/06 PMR 37367,122 – IDS starts in config-only mode after installing and error connecting to db
– Debra asked for debug info, sent it
– Set environment variable “db2instance” to “db2admin”, restarted itds, worked

1/31/06 PMR 10711,379 – NDS connect error 601

1/31/06 PMR 10803,379 – Websphere and http server do not start from services applet (http svc started and then stopped) after installation of novell client 4.91 sp2
– Kathy Reichard
– Vikram Thommandru  – wasservice -help
– Removed and added was, http srvr, http admin, now they start

1/31/06 PMR ,379 – AD reconciliation only returns 11 out of 8000 accounts
– set base point to root, reran recon, worked
– Fon

1/31/06 PMR 10947,379 – AS400 adapter getting erma error 0, erm_status_no_error
-Jim Kovarik

2/3/06 PMR 11737,379 – Java.exe ordinal 318 not found in libeay32.dll
– Chris thinks a new dll will fix

2/3/06 PMR 11735,379 – Searching for AD groups under AD user: com.ibm.itim.dataservices.model.Size_limit_exceeded
– updated ui.properties in itim_home\data with max records=3000

2/3/06 PMR 11734,379 – Person records don’t show up under ou’s
– added placement rule to each OU (return “ou=” + entry.ou[0];)

**  pr 2 to update record

2/6/06 PMR 11948,379 – ITIM not reachable after installing AD pwd sync module, enrole app is started
– uninstalled pwd sync, problem still exists
– sent Fernando logs
– problem was that apache wasn’t running – (PMR 10803)

2/6/06 PMR 12096,379 – Self care app does not pull up using url documented
– built itim_expi.war as documented (selfcare.ear was from Sysco)

2/6/06 PMR 12100,379 – AD pwd sync module not pulling changes from AD
– Jim Kovaric

2/6/06 PMR 12203,379 – Self care app gives error: You cannot use the “Change Challenge/Response Answers” feature at this time. The sample code only supports configuring challenge/response answers when the challenges are defined by an Administrator, however, there are no Administrator defined challenges at this time.
2/10 – APAR/devtrack # IY81564 – dt# s17191
3/21 – had problem with self-care custom app – notified Ramya of APAR #

2/23/06 PMR 20883,379 – Is there support for sync’ing passwords on AS/400 or planned for future?
– yes, it is in v6.3 (6.x) of agent

2/23/06 PMR 20948 379 – DBConfig does not open Xwindow

2/24/06 PMR 21064,379 – Blank white screen on ITIM console, no msgs in WAS or http logs
– was only problem on acinstaller laptop

3/1/06 PMR 22238,379 – “CTGIMO039E A database connection error occurred.” when trying to login as itim manager for first time
– Charles

3/6/06 PMR 23028,379 – ERMA error on AS/400 service
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/erma/ERMAWrapper

3/7/06 PMR 23259,379 – Adapter error: ERM_STATUS_PROTOCOL_SPECIFIC_ERROR

3/7/06 PMR 23229,379 – Need help with IDI if/then code for ou placement

3/8/06 PMR 23355,379 – “Reconciliation is already in progress for this service instance” when running IDI recon, no recons in progress
– Clyde – go to the DB2 table ENROLE.RESOURCE_PROVIDERS and change the RECON_STATUS column to a 0, telling ITIM that there is no recon running.  The update command would be something like “update enrole.resource_providers set recon_status = 0 where resource_dn = ???”, where ??? is the DN of the service that is having the issue. do a “select resource_dn, recon_status from enrole.resource_providers” to get the particulars
– FITS # MR0331063210

3/8/06 PMR 23363,379 – WAS won’t stop – error
– Clyde –  – kill -9 all was processes, restart – sent him logs, will send to IDS queue for APAR
– upped JVM to 512mb, tested good for 5 days running

3/8/06 PMR 23447,379 – TPM can’t handle colons in prompts – feature request
– Rob Mitchell/Austin – creating FITS/APAR

3/9/06 PMR 23828,379 – IDSWebApp won’t allow choosing Attributes tab when editing object class
– Roy G. Spencer – talking to dev
– 3/23 – we have been unable to duplicate so far, have WAS lab testing now

3/14/06 PMR 24528,379  IDI ADchangelogv2 – Error on access to the System Store: SQL Exception: Another instance of Cloudscape may have already booted the database D:\Apps\IBM\IBMDirectoryIntegrator\CloudScape.
Brian Hemric
ibmdiservice.exe -i to install as a service
Lak Sri/Raleigh
– service starts, but AL and EH’s don’t run
** remove the -d in ibmdiservice.props file — worked!!
– APAR opened for cloudscape error – IO04037 – expected in fp3, 4/15

3/14/06 PMR 30213,379 Error running IDI as a service: Reporting queued error: faulting application ITDIAsService.exe, version, faulting module ITDIAsService.exe, version, fault address 0x0000225d.
– should not use itdiasService – use ibmdiservice.exe

3/20/06 PMR 30617,379 IDI – ldif to csv assembly line – getting infinite loop when AL reaches “sun.io.MalformedInputException”
– Lak Sri – change Character Encoding in LDIF parser to “Cp1252” — worked

3/31/06 PMR 33190,379 – Warning changing prov pol – ‘syntax error in line 44 after “;” ‘

4/11/06 PMR 40373,379 – How to trigger ITIM person & acct suspend action in IDI
fp14 should fix problem creating accounts and not modifying

4/27/06 PMR – ACS –

5/10/06 PMR – 55925,379 – TPM/TIO problem – Please send to TPM queue – created dcm, run wkf, failed, reboot, start ids, started tio, deployment mgr did not start
– have to reinit (recreate DCM), start tio, then works
Dale Ullrich/Austin/IBM –  – run thinkcontrol\tools\packagelogs.cmd %TIO_LOGS%
– run-deploymentengine.cmd

5/3/06  PMR 58546,122 – – Cannot stop DB2 – Brent Simpson, Max Petrenko
5/4 – figured out why he could not stop db2, but getting diff err, wants to uninstall
5/10 – root,itimdb in etc/group – when install fails only root exists
– did uninstall work?

5/16/06 PMR 60028,122 – – Cannot install fp1 for WASND
Getting error “The fix pack can not be aplied to the currently selected product because of missing prerequisites” when trying to install WAS ND 5.1 fp1 on Linux RHEL 3 Update 6
– needed to download fp1 for WASND instead of for WAS base

5/17/06 PMR 60105,122 – Getting error “Invalid db2 instance home” when installing ITIM 4.5.1 on RHEL 3 Update 6 and DB2 8.2 fp11  – Error goes on to say “either DB2INSTANCE is not defined, or cannot locate the JDBC driver db2java.zip based on the current DB2INSTANCE.”  DB2INSTANCE is defined properly, however, because the DB2 env was sourced.  See attached file for error
– Charles
– fix was run “. /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile” then

5/18/06 PMR 60242,122 – Failed to connect to the DataSource.  Encountered : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: xaConnect
– add “. /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile” or similar to startServer.sh
– Customer needs help upgrading LDAP to ITIM 4.6.  Getting invalid password after installing 4.5.1 fp58, pointing to existing LDAP

5/24/06 PMR 58416,379 – 2nd WAS cluster server showing unavailable – conn refused port 9900
– Node agent on 2nd server wasn’t started – started node agent, worked

5/30/06 PMR 59101,379 – Setting up IDI Web Services connector
– Lak sent custom example 6/1
– have working AL as of 6/7

6/1/06  PMR 59634,379 – ITIM logon page will not display on 2nd node in cluster
Grey Thrasher

6/6/06                   ctgimo002E – nullpointer when trying to restore an inactive iSeries account

6/6/06  PMR 70349,379 – IDI problem javaw.exe hanging on web svcs connector errror
Lak Sri – was to be fixed in fixpack 2 – apar IO02483

6/7/06  PMR 70728,379 – Need ITIM 4.6 SAP adaptor for AIX
ftp:  ftp.emea.ibm.com/fromibm/tivoli

6/9/06  PMR 62351,122 – running DBConfig getting error – Can’t find library db2jdbc (libdb2jdbc.so in sun.boot.library.path=/usr/WebSphere/AppServer/java/jre/bin
tried copying file in, then got error – CLI0647E Error allocating DB2 environment handle
– Rick Schlosser – make sure you have db2 env sourced & add the path of   db2java.zip(ie. /usr/opt/db2_08_01/java/db2java.zip) into the DBConfig.lax  file, save the file, and run  DBConfig again.

6/9/06 PMR 62506,122 – SQL 30081N – communication error occurred – TCPIP
– recataloged db, worked

6/14/06 PMR ,122 – get warning message about not having enough disk space (1 Gb) when had plenty

6/14/06 PMR 62908,122 – sev1 – got error sql0601n when upgrading 4.5.1 fp58 to 4.6 fp14 during DBUpgrade
– expected behavior after if51
– apar iy84863  – 45to46.ddl & upgrade.properties

6/15/06 PMR 62997,122 – after upgrading to 4.6, when modifying a person object, all
associated accounts are deleted.
– changed back to upgraded 46 schema file, worked

6/15/06 PMR 63019,122 – combine schema files together
– tried 46 schema file, worked

6/15/06 63068,122 – get encryption error ctgimo037e – could not perform unpadding: invalid pad byte
DCF: 1214083 – need to re-enter agent password in service form, worked

6/15/06 63181,122 – null pointer exception on EUA custom app

8/10/06 23905,004 – error installing db2 – using gui – could not create db instance
doug kroll –   x3696
– permissions problem with home dir
– out of disk space
– worked when fixed above 2 issues, reran gui, ran “mkuser db2fenc1” and db2icrt

– send output of db2setup -l log_file -t trace_file

8/16/06 24660,004 – error dropping and creating instances – Could not load program     /usr/opt/db2_08_01/bin/db2langdir:
Dependent module /home/db2inst1/sqllib/lib/libdb2locale.a(shr.o) could not be loaded.
Member shr.o is not found in archive
– comment out lines with LD_LIBRARY_PATH in db2profile, unset this and export
– worked

8/21/06 30235,004 – changed permissions on db2home to non-root user and getting
“SQL1032N  No start database manager command was issued.  SQLSTATE=57019”
Basem – run db2iupdt on each instance to reset permissions
(ie, “db2iupdt ldapdb”)
(Needed to set 775 perms on <inst>/sqllib/backup first, then worked)

8/22/06 30403,004 – getting error when trying to start ldap as non-root
GLPCOM027E Attempt to bind failed with errno 13 (Permission denied)
Thao Vo – create user and new instance on port > 1024
– tried, got error GLPRDB001E Error code -1 from function:” SQLExecDirect ”
– idsucfgdb then idscfgdb worked

8/23/06 30445,004 – starting was as non-root
j. ernie seymour –  – told dana set perm on all was_home
– MQ not working
– starting WAS quit on starting the broker
– Vishavpal S Shergill/Atlanta
– recreated mq queues, deleted shared memory segments, rebooted, worked
– opened doc APAR PK30674 to update the infocenter w/ mem segm technote

8/30/06 31329,004 – getting MSGS0255E: Broker Manager unable to attach to
Queue Manager – unknown Queue” after running hacrtmqm
send to wascet,103
David Tiler
-ran createmq.sh in followup to hacrtmqm, got past broker
-now gevid Roland L1 – sending sev1 over to L2 queue
– tried setting auth to non for server and cell conn factories
– HA mqm cmds not supported w/ embedded msging

8/31/06 31563,004 – Getting CTGIMM091E Unsuccessful login to WebSphere application server.
..after renaming node and cell and recreating queues
Diep Le – – send screenshot, trace, msg, sysout, syserr
– changed node name in enrole.properties, restart itim, worked

9/7/06 32126,004 – Need help setting up remote http server to a websphere server
added 2 lines to httpd.conf, worked
LoadModule ibm_app_server_http_module

9/11/06 32413,004 – Need documentation or help setting up http server as proxy
Robert Boretti () need v2.0.47
– installed 2.0.47, configured per Rob
– waiting for network to test, closed PMR

9/14/06 32913,004 – Getting “SchemaEntryNotFoundException: eraddamlservice” when trying to
add AD service
– getting pwd expired when trying to reimport the profile
– problem was enrole’s pwd expired,
– changed, updated in enroledatabase.props & jdbc prov in was, worked

9/20/06 33655,004 – Getting GLPRDB001E Error code -1 from function:” SQLConnect ” ldapdb2b .
SQL1026N  The database manager is already active
after stopping and starting db2 to fix db2 client connect problem
– Lance reassigned a drive, lost all data on reboot

9/27/06 34407,004 – Customer needs way to communicate from ITIM to RACF & AS/400 thru agent srvr
– gave as400 idi connector, opened fits for racf – MR0928066059

9/27/06 34484,004 – DB2 v8.2 installation doesn’t install full bin or instance directory
– Had previous copy in system library, deleted from smit, re-installed, worked

9/28/06 34531,004 – “Memory fault – core dumped” on dascrt and db2icrt
– AIX 5.3 TL4 – Lance said it’s trying to execute in the stack – not allowed now
– Shawn Mullen/Austin – security contact
– Andy – core is in tcbck command – audits security of system
– 11/30 Rec’d fix IY91160 from Faraz Ahmad <>

9/28/06 34618,004 – When setting up WebSphere to run as non-root user, starting the server
quits with no error in SystemOut.log on starting the Broker
– rebooted server, worked

10/12/06 46165,004 – How can you support multiple languages on the same ITIM server?
Challenge Response questions, self-care app
– Installed language packs, could not see any other language avail

10/16/06 46575,004 – Connection refused when testing RACF agent
– use_ssl was set to true, set to false, tested good
– now getting “Unable to create APPC transaction” on a recon

10/19/06 46933,004 – When editing wkf, Getting “please take care of all the invalid (yellow)         nodes and links first
Workflow – OK button doesn’t remove window
– Exit doesn’t exit
– checking the java 1.42 or 1.50 button in internet options fixed it

10/30/06 48175,004 – When starting ldap, GLPRDB001E Error code -1 from function:” SQLConnect ” ldapdb2b .  SQL1026N  The database manager is already active.
– ldapdb password expired, changed password and ran idscfgdb -I xx -w xx, wrkd
– got same thing after running idsucfgdb and idscfgdb
– had 2 db aliases, uncataloged both, cataloged one,
– changed ibmslapd.conf, worked

11/2/06 48513,004 – AD agent, unable to bind to base point
– entered password for itimadm (RM had not), removed base point, worked

11/2/06 48603,004 – ran AD recon, ldap died with
GLPRDB001E Error code -2 from function:”SQLBindParameter ”
– restarted ldap, reran recon
– “tenant cannot be found.”  ldap was up, but could not browse to anything under dc=com
– increased entry cache size, worked

11/6/06 48910,004 – ran AD recon, ldap died with:
– “tenant cannot be found.”  ldap was up, but could not browse to anything under dc=com
– ITIM console hung on logon after running AD recon
– Could not stop enRole in WAS console for 7+ min
– transactions timed out in SystemOut
– “Threads “Servlet.Engine.Transports : 20″ (19, etc) may be hung”
– WAS was not using enough memory, ids/db2 were tuned too big for the box (40,000 users)
– stopped WAS, stopped itimdb, killed ids, retuned for 10,000 users (40000 entry cache)
– restarted, reran recon
– set entry cache to 10000, recon ran
– found ulimit -d was = 240000, set to 2000000, retried 40000 entry cache

11/9/06 49330,004 – upgrade to fp25 doesn’t change fp # on logon screen
– changed Messages_en.props (& other langs) in itimhome/data, worked, closed

11/13/06 49716,004 – fp25 upgrade broke placement rule
– installed if29, script produced error, but installed manually thru was console
– worked – populated right ou
– sent new script, closed?

11/28/06 61095,004 – After applying cf 12 to WAS 5.1.1, getting error
J2CA0007W: An exception occurred while invoking method setsetMcfPassword
on com.ibm.ejs.jms.JMSManagedQueueSessionFactory used by resource JMS$ITIM Queue Connection Factory$JMSManagedConnection@539129660 : com.ibm.ws.security.util.InvalidPasswordDecodingException
– ITIM is running fine
Chenna Korvi – WAS
Jason Dourity – told of PK32670 – installed, worked, closed

12/12/06 62522,004 – When connecting to Oracle CBS – Error code 800a0e7a, Code meaning = U, Source ADODB.Connection, Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.
– needed Oracle client installed
– Dan Barto
– 1/12/06 – Getting error on recon:
Failed   Parse XML file failed: The system cannot locate the object specified. :

12/13/06 <NOPMR>   – Starting HTTP server 2.0 – error in event log – loadlibrary (“c:\mod_ibm_app_server_http.dll”) failed – the specified module could not be found
– changed line in httpd.conf from
LoadModule ibm_app_server_http_module c:\WebSphere\AppServer\bin\mod_app_server_http.dll
LoadModule was_ap20_module <drive>:\WebSphere\AppServer\bin\mod_was_ap20_http.dll
– got error: can’t locate API module structure ‘ibm_app_server_http_module’ in file c:/program files/websphere/appserver/bin/mod_was_ap20_http.dll: No error
– forgot the “was_ap20_module” part of the line, changed that
– got error in system event log: “The IBM HTTP Server service terminated with service-specific error 1″  nothing in the app log, or ibm http logs, even when logging turned to debug
– set loglevel in plugin-cfg.xml : <Log LogLevel=”Error” Name=”C:\Program
– found that WAS hostname was not defined.  Set in hosts file, then service started

12/14/06  62909,004 – Getting: “Unable to obtain mutex in GetDefaultDomain” when trying to run         an AD recon – adapter server in a different domain than target domain
– need server in the same forest as target domain

12/15/06  63037,004 – Form customization field names not text as expected – mgr role
– problem really was LDAP error 34 when running IDI feed

1/23/07   60115,49r – WAS 5.1 not installing MQ on 64 bit Linux
– Sal Salaimani/Austin – 64 bit not supported in 5.1

1/24/07   60277,49r – ITIM 4.6 fp33 uninstaller deletes all of /tmp

1/24/07   60316,49r – JMSserver not starting – Queue Manager Listener failed rc: 20
– Dave Brune
– Dave Kenner – wl1cet,30w queue
– Dave Tiler
– runmqlsr process was still running
– kill that, recreate the qmgr for jmsserver, start jmsserver, worked


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